All music scholarships and grants are administered through the performance areas. To be considered for a scholarship the student must perform an audition for a panel of no less than three Music faculty members. One must be the director of his/her program area (band, choir, opera, orchestra, keyboard). One must be the applied teacher of the student's principal instrument and the other must be a full-time Music faculty member from any area. Specific audition information and requirements can be obtained through each performance area.
In order to have all paperwork processed before the beginning of the Fall semester, students are encouraged to have all scholarship and financial aid application materials in to the Office of Financial Aid by March 1.
The most up to date information on scholarships can be obtained from the Coordinator of Scholar Dollar$ in the office of the Dean of Arts and Sciences in Breland Hall.
For more information on any of the following scholarships please call (575) 646-2421 or email
Audition requirements, by instrument, can be found on the Auditions page.
To schedule an audition, please contact one of the following:
  • Winds and Percussion: Trista Pior, (575) 646-2304
  • Vocal: Suzanne Dueño, (575) 646-2067
  • Strings: Jorge Martinez-Rios, (575) 646-1647
  • Keyboard: Dr. Laura Spitzer, (575) 646-2228