Music Ed-Student Teaching

Each Music Education major must complete the following in order to student teach and be licensed:

  1. Register for, take and pass the NES (National Evaluation Series) Essential Academic Skills Exam.
  2. Apply for the TEP in the Music Department by taking the Music Education Entrance Exam
    • It will be taken in the Spring of the Sophomore year
    • Students will not be allowed to take the exam without a copy of their NES Skills exam scores
    • The exam includes competency in the following
      • Communication (delivering a prepared presentation)
      • Musicianship (performing on your principal instrument and singing)
      • Sight-singing
      • Rhythm and Pitch Error Detection
      • Writing Skills
  3. One year before student teaching, apply to student teach with the College of Education (requirements and deadlines provided by the College of Education - contact Dr. Jamie Baker).
  4. One semester before student teaching register for, take and pass the NES K-12 Assessments Exam.
  5. One semester before student teaching, make arrangements through the Music Ed coordinator (Ms. Larragoity-Martin) for placement with a cooperating public school teacher.
  6. Attend all the meetings scheduled in the College of Education for student teachers.
  7. All Music courses, proficiencies and the Senior Recital must be complete before student teaching.
  8. During the semester of student teaching, register for and take the NES Professional Knowledge Exam.

If you have specific questions contact Ms. Ingrid Larragoity-Martin (575) 646-1986.

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