Dimensions and Basics


  • Seating: 504
  • SRO: Local fire regulations prohibit standing room only.



  • Overall room size: 6,926 sq. ft
  • Wall to wall width: 80 feet
  • Proscenium width: 50 feet
  • Proscenium height: 28 feet
  • Over-stage height: 20 feet (min.) 25 feet (max)
  • Front of apron to rear wall: 50 feet
  • Stage depth: 32 feet
  • Apron (thrust) depth: 18 feet (4.5 feet from front of main curtain to stage edge plus a 13 foot covered orchestra pit.)
  • Wing width: 15 feet
  • Wing depth: 30 feet

Curtains, Drapes, Teasers and Legs

  • Main Curtain: Red, opens horizontally, motorized control located in the stage left wing
  • Drapes: 2 24’ x 24’ black velvet, pleated
  • Legs: 12 8’ x 30’ black velvet
    NOTE: The drapes and legs are the property of NMSU Special Events and may not be available if they should need them. Please be sure to verify that they are available.
  • Teasers: One at the front of the stage. We use our wooden sound baffles as upstage teasers.

Loading Doors and Dock

  • Location: SW corner of the building. (see maps & directions)
  • Dimensions: 10 feet wide, 12 feet high


ClearCom wired headsets. Tie-in points are located in the SL and SR wings, orchestra pit, mid-house, sound and light booths and the catwalk.

Booth to Floor Connections

  • Sound: 14 XLR lines with 2 more in the orchestra pit.
  • Lighting: 16 dimming/non-dimming (switch selectable) receptacles in 6 circuits.


  • 16 standard 3-prong edison wall sockets. (Lighting dimmers can provide extra power.)
  • 20 amps at 110 volts AC.
  • (1) 220 volt AC outlet located in the SR wing by the loading doors.
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