NMSU Jazz Ensemble and Trumpet Ensemble Perform in Spain

The New Mexico State University Jazz Ensemble and Trumpet Studio, led by Dr. Pancho Romero, participated in a cultural exchange and a series of performances and workshops in the province of Valencia, Spain June 24th through June 27th.  The ensembles were invited to perform in Spain by Vicente Campos, director of the Conservatori Superior de Música de Castelló. Dr. Campos visited NMSU in the spring of 2017, and conducted masterclasses for the trumpet students and attended a rehearsal of the jazz ensemble.  The ensemble’s mission in Spain was to share knowledge and expertise in America’s original musical art form, jazz.

The ensembles performed at the XXII Festival Internacional Música i Festa in Massanassa, Spain, a municipality of Valencia.  The ensemble opened the week-long festival with a first ever jazz performance in a traditionally classical venue, premiering two compositions: Palos Nuevos, by Dan Gailey, a tribute to the Spanish flamenco style, and Pueblo de Taos,written for the NMSU Jazz Ensemble by Fred Sturm.  Pueblo de Taos depicts native American culture and music of the region. While in Spain, the students visited the musical instrument manufacturer, Stamvi, where they were treated to a guided tour of the facility.  The ensembles concluded the tour with a stop in Paris, France where they visited the Paris Conservatory and the Cité de la Musique, a group of institutions dedicated to music

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