Lon Chaffin

(575) 646-1290

Dr. Chaffin holds a Bachelor of Music from Wayland Baptist University in Church Music and Composition. His Masters is in Music Theory and Composition from Texas Tech University. He also received a Ph.D. in Fine Arts from Texas Tech with an emphasis in Composition.

Dr. Chaffin is a published, award-winning composer and author. He has served as a college choral director, voice instructor, and music theory teacher for over thirty years. He has also written and directed numerous musical theater productions. His one-act opera, "Grant and Grace," was performed by the Boston Metro Opera in May of 2011. His most recent one-act opera, "The Verloren Opera: A Tale of Lost Love," was premiered in October of 2015 by the Doña Ana Lyric Opera company in Las Cruces. He has numerous vocal, choral, and instrumental compositions to his credit as well. His work has been performed nationally and internationally at various performance venues. He has given lecture/presentations on electronic music, music theatre, integrating the music curriculum, and the math of music theory.

His memberships include ASCAP, TMEA, and CMS.

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